Training & Health

Challenge your training desire and breath fresh air

Morning fitness class, kayaking or an elite race?

If you are looking for an active and a bit more healthy vacation then Haga Park is perfect as a starting point. It’s here that the running paths, the bicycle courses and the walking paths begin. A lot of the larger bicycle and running races takes place here on Öland, maybe you will arrange your own training camp with your friends here at us?

Conventional sauna & fitness classes

Conventional sauna and You do not have to go far to achieve your daily dose of training and other healthy experiences. During the warmer summer months we, just outside the reception and the bakery, arrange some fitness classes during the mornings.

When you are heated you may take a run along the beach, here you will find fine paths to follow. We are also proud to present our conventional sauna, a comfotable oasis for relaxation and some time for your self. You may book the sauna in the reception.

Hiking & bicycling

A well expanded network of bicycle roads makes it possible to enjoy many of Öland’s points of interest from your bicycle saddle. If you did not bring your own bicycle there are plenty of rentals around Haga Park. Feel free to ask the reception staff for numbers and directions.

The walking path closest to Haga Park is ”Mörbylångaleden” which joins the Haga Park area in Beijershamn. From here you can decide wheter to walk northwards towards Skogsby or southwards towards Mörbylånga. If you decide to take Stor Alvarleden which is on the Great Alvar you are in for a lovely and peaceful bicycle ride along an ancient road.

You can find that there is even more opportunities if you pick the “Ölandsleden”, a path that will goes over the entire island. Read more at the website “Bicycle on Öland” (

Adventures on the sea

You have perphaps already picked Haga Park because you know about the perfect conditions for wind and kitesurfing here. Otherwise you are welcome to read more on this page.

A more philosophical way to challenge the sea is to climb into a kayak and slowly paddle towards the sunset. If you are strong then you may perhaps aim for the lighthouse Långe Jan. Or you could rent a stand-up paddleboard or a sit-on-top kayak or paddle a shorter tour between the waves.

Go running in a beautiful environment

There are plenty of running paths for you who like to go running, and often you may explore Öland’s fine nature close up. Some of the paths are lit, we can help you find the really good paths.