Children & Family

The children’s favorite island

Welcome to the island who loves children!

In 2012 Öland was rewarded the childrens tourist price, as a result of a voting among famillies with children. And the real questions is if there is a more child friendly place on earth. Superfine sandy beaches, exciting castles and enchanted forests, water playgrounds, zoos, karting tracks och and much more.

The childrens adventures of course starts at Haga Park, who offers a lot of activities för playful children with spring in their step. Go bicycling in one of our bicycle cars, set up a minigolf tournament, build the largest sand castle or take part in a windsurfing-school. We also offer conductor led activities where we take good care of the children for a few hours. Activities such as a workout or some exciting outdoor games.

Excursion spots close to Haga Park:

Eketorps Castle

At this ancient castle on the south-east part of Öland you will learn the ways of living during the iron age and the middle ages. During the summer they will organize intriguing showcases and family activities such as archery.

Ottenby & Långe Jan

Watch seals and eagles (if you are lucky) and tag along the many tours the ringing garden. Ottenby Naturum is an ideal excursion spot for the whole family. Then climb 42 metres and 192 steps up in the air, in Swedens tallest lighthouse Långe Jan!

Öland’s Zoo

Take a trip to Öland’s Zoo and watch tigers, beers and monkeys. In the park you will find a Zoo, an amusement park, a circus and an adventurous water land.

Borgholm’s Castle

At the castle the children may take part in lively activities such as knight school, and learn more about how the knights lived, do your own coat of arms and be dubbed as knights.

The Cartie Country in Löttorp

LLet the children take Cartie country’s own driving license and drive on real pavement roads with roundabouts and bridges. The karts have real engines and there is a wide variety of vechicles, such as a tractor trailer.

The forest train from Fagerrör to the Troll forest

The troll forest with its twisted trees is one of Öland’s most breathtaking nature reserve, full of small adventures and experiences. And with the forest train, drawn by the steam locomotive ”Grandma” the trip there will be something quite different.

Marjsö Ostrich farm

About 25 kilometres north of Borgholms is Marjsö Ostrich farm located. A farm that offers a thrilling visit. Here you may watch ostrich and peacocks close up and learn more about the beautiful birds.

Snakeeye camel ranch

In the feel for a camel ride? About 10 kilometres north of Borgholm you will find Snakeeye camel ranch. And if you do not feel like riding a camel there are plenty of other animals that you can cuddle with.