All year around at Haga park

Four seasons, one for every feeling

Öland is a dream to return to

Every different season puts it own touch on your daily experiences here on Öland. The summer’s comfortably hot days and vacation activities is a dream for famillies with children while the birdwatcher and the hikers perhaps prefer the colorfull late autumn.

There is always a good reason to return to Öland, here we will tell you about the peaks of every season. Your first experience of Öland will not be like the second. Or the third!

March through May

Öland has a climate with mild winters, the Baltic Sea has the function of a heat reservoir which contributes to a more even temperature during the year. In March-April the nature and the crops comes alive, and as soon as Maj you may visit the first harvest festival, Öland Spirar (Öland sprouts).

Take part in an release of the cows onto the fields, typical for Öland. Visit the open gardens or a charming market-garden. From March through July the Eurasian skylark may be heard on the Great Alvar and during the more calm spring months Öland is a perfect place for experiences such as hiking, running, bicycling and other close-to-nature experiences.

May through July

Öland is often referred to as the sun’s and the wind’s island, and during a year the sun shines for approximately 1 875 hours here on our fare island. In May the days are getting longer and the water is getting warmer which opens the doors for adventures as kayaking and longer picnic excusions by foot or by bike.

Öland in the summer offers a great amount of experiences for the whole family. Music festivals, art exhibitions, concerts, playgrounds, running events, harbor festivals och of course the marvellous sandy beaches.

Juli through September

Make use of August och September and enjoy a slower pace. Stora Alvaret is an area that spread out between the high plains of Öland’s southern part. Haga Park is situated very close to Stora Alvaret and during the early months of autumn it is a lovely experience to discover the exceptional wildlife and fauna close up.

Swedens largest Harvest Festival takes place on Öland in September and the autumn is also a good time for birdwatchers. Even though you may be a beginner att birdwatching you can still tag along some veteran ornithologist on an excursion, read more at Öland’s Tourist agency’s website.

September through November

When the nature is gearing up for winter it becomes even more obvious how much the wind, the waves and the humnas have shaped Öland’s contours. Raukar, Troll forests, beach ridges, limestone slabs, wind mills and lots of thrilling variations creates a truly unique landscape just waiting to be explored.

September introduces the calming slower pace on Öland and equipped with hiking shoes, a bicycle and a camera you will experience things you never seen before. Take a hike along now empty shores, arrange a picnic at Långe Jan with your beloved one(s) och challenge your body with the running shoes on.