Haga Park

The adventure starts at Haga Park

A holiday gem, a Wold Heritage and a world of taste sensations

Öland is a quite different place on earth, as much formed by the special natural conditions as the humans creative power and survival instinct. The potato dumplings, the alvars, coastlands, rock walls, linear villages, winds, windmills, the mild climate and over thirty different orchids are all characteristics that are unique for Öland.

To have your starting point at Haga Park and the southern part of Öland is perfect in several ways. Here you will find most that most of Öland’s culture and are nature represented in an area that you can travel through by foot, by bicycle or with your car. Southern Öland is also a popular destination for golfers. And when you would like to leave the calmer southern Öland and look for other adventures you may use the fine roads for a quick drive north.

The Haga Park Surfcenter is located very close to the campsite. Here you will find possibilites for beginners as well as experienced surfers to rent equipment for wind- and kitesurfing. For you who would rather enjoy Öland from dry land you will find the largest beach on southern Öland. In the area you may experience a wide range of activities for people of all ages. Activities such as minigolf, tennis, bicycle cars and several playgrounds. Our conductor led children activities may work as babysitting when you want some time for your self.