Cottage on Öland

Haga Park, a place to long for

Explore a vacation paradies for the entire family

Öland has a history as a cure and bathing place which goes back to the early 1900s. When the decision was made to build the bridge over Kalmar straight in 1966 the tourism got a real boost. It was during the 70s that Ann and Torsten Snöberg took over the lease of, and later the opportunity to buy, Haga Park Camping & Cottages.

The interest to rent a cottage on Öland grew during the 1980s and the family Snöberg’s dream project soon grew to one of Öland’s largest campsites. The park resort was refined, the cottages were refurbished, the service houses grew and eventually so did the hostel.

Legends such as Ingemar Stenmark and Gunde Svan found their way to Haga Park as early as in the 80s. During that time windsurfing was something new, and the unique wind conditions around Beijershamn made Haga Park a well attended surfing paradise. Still today Haga Park is said to have the best conditions for wind and kitesurfing.

Through the years a lot more families, surfers, nature lovers and bathing guests has explored Haga Park and the opportunities it offers when it comes to relaxation and experiences just around the corner. We are lucky to have a lot of guests returning to us every year, and we hope that you will become one of them!