Seasonal Camping

Stay all year around at Haga Park

To camp is a joyful way of enjoying every seasons varying character and feeling. For you who would like to experience seasonal camping we have divided the year in to six different seasons. Click here to make your reservation. Would you like to ask us a question, kindly click here!

Spring: 25/4 – 21/6

The spring is quite special on Öland and the perfect way to enjoy it is to place your caravan at our campsite in the end of April and stay until midsummer. Then you can botanize among Öland’s natural and cultural activities. The season starts early on Öland and as early as April farm shops, coffe shops, museums and crafters will open their doors to tourists. You may perphaps be interested in booking Öland Spirar in May?

Price per season: 6 000 SEK

Spring-summer: 25/4 – 31/8

Take part of Öland’s summer in a calm pace and make plans for a season full of experiences. During the summer Öland is in full bloom and there is always something to do for everyone in the family. Music festivals, art exhibitions, concerts, playgrounds, running events, harbor festivals and of course the beautiful sandy beaches.

Price per season:  14 900 SEK

Spring-summer-autumn: 25/4 – 30/9

At Haga Park the mood is familial and the camping plot almost feels like your garden at home. So why not place your caravan here during the entire summer and use it as a vacation cottage? Öland is a marvellous place for afternoon coffe and a dip in the sea with your family, friend or relatives. You will also find there is a tremendous amount of exciting activities and experiences.

Price per season: 15 900 SEK

Summer: 13/5 – 16/8

During the summer months Öland is displaying its best parts, both when it comes to exciting family activities, lovely beaches, cosy coffee shops and grand castles. If you have not been at Solliden yet now is a good time to bring your family there. A trip to the lovely beaches of northern Öland will be greatly appreciated by all the family, the same thing goes for a trip to Öland Zoo or Löttsorps Cartie country.

Price per season:  14 000 SEK

Summer-autumn: 1/6 – 30/9

More and more people learns that a great way to extend Öland’s summer is to make use of August and September and enjoy the slightly slower pace. In this season package you will get to experience the enjoyable Öland summer and the rich colors and tastes of autumn on Öland. Swedens largest harvest festival takes placke on Öland during September and it is also a good time for birdwatchers. Even if you are a beginner at birdwatching there are several possibilites to take part in an excursion with a veteran ornithologist, you can read more at Öland’s tourist agency’s website.

Price per season: 14 700 SEK

Autumn: 9/8 – 30/9

The autumn is a lovely time on Öland and if you are equipped with walking shoes, bicycles or a camera you will experience things you have never seen before. Haga Park is located close to Stora Alvaret, so put on your exploring shoes for a day trip. Maybe you will take the chance to walk along the now empty beaches, arrange a picning besides Långe Jan with your beloved one or challenge your body and stamina with your running shoes on.

Price per season: 4 500 SEK